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Who am I?
Am I a poet perhaps?
No, of course not.
No word but one, a very strange one,
does the pen of this soul of mine write for me:
Am I a painter then?
Not even that.
No colour but one
does the palette of this soul of mine hold for me:
A musician then?
Not a chance.
No note but one
does the keyboard of this soul of mine have for me:
Am I….what then?
I place a lens
in front of my heart
for all the world to see.
Who am I?
The jester of this heart of mine.

(Aldo Palazzeschi, “Poemi” 1909)

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We all stand alone on the heart of the earth
pierced by a ray of the sun’s light:
and then it is night.
(Quasimodo, 1930)

Agency :
Writer/Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Model: Kiani Del Valle

Mytheresa  THE SKI EDIT
Agency :
Writer/Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Models : Tania Matshoko & Lou Barin

Mytheresa x Jimmy Choo
Agency :
Writer/Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Model: Muna Mahamed

Mytheresa CRUISE
Agency :
Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Model: Jorge Roman

Mytheresa CRUISE - Gucci
Agency :
Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Models: Claudio Mendez Goncalves & Rshi Robin

Mytheresa - Brunello Cucinelli
Agency :
Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Models: Greta Bellamacina & Robert Montgomery

MyTheresa Showreel (Director's Cut)
Agency :
Writer/Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Model: Molly Smith
Music: Parlami d'amore Mariù - Achille Togliani
All shots are filmed by me.

MyTheresa Showreel (Director's Cut)
Agency :
Writer/Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Model: Myrthe Bolt
Music: Polaroids - Pastis
All shots are filmed by me.

L’Uomo Gatto
A documentary about Gabriele Sbattella
Label: HFF
Format: Short film
Country: Italy and Germany
Release: 2024
Genre: Documentary
Production: Elsa Storms and Luisa Pilar Eichler
Direction: Alessandro Pizzi
DoP: Paul Hirschauer


Is the “Catman” making a comeback to the big stage? After his ascent to stardom on Italian talk shows through the program Sarabanda, Gabriele vanished from the media for a full 20 years. However, he's now rekindled his passion for success and is boldly pursuing his path. It's a tale of ambition, setbacks, and resilience. Here, Gabriele steps forward; this is his stage.

IN PRODUCTION: L'Uomo Gatto coming soon

Life in Apetlon, Austria.
Label: HFF and Headroom
Format: Short film
Country: Germany
Released: 2023
Genre: Documentary
DoP: Lea Dähne
Direction: Jakob Legner and Alessandro Pizzi

"Platzhirsche" looks at a small Austrian village near the Hungarian border. The film follows four people who have either established their place or are still striving to do so in this small, predominantly male world of their own. It explores themes of departure and return, belonging, and being different.


Back to back
A documentary about Mirko Borsche
Label: HFF
Format: Short film
Country: Germany
Released: 2021
Genre: Documentary


Mirko fully corresponds to the typical figure of the artist next door: he does not see himself as an artist, rather as an artist 2.0. He is no longer the rocker of the 60s, the Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, waiting for the force of lightning, "go with the flow", he abandons the romantic image of the enlightened artist and decides to look for art before art looks for him: "necessity is the mother of invention".
His role and his work impose on him the ability to make important decisions, the how becomes more important than the what.
Difficult choices that he has had to face since his school days, when he began to think about his future.

A light that never faded (Documentary)
Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Directed, Shot, Edit by Alessandro Pizzi and Noah Ortner
Voiceover by Renato Pizzi
Commissioned by the Italian Red Cross committee of Visso
Shot on location in Visso near Accumoli and Amatrice.

An earthquake, measuring 6.2 ± 0.016 on the moment magnitude scale, hit Central Italy on 24 August 2016 at 03:36:32 CEST (01:36 UTC).

Its epicentre was close to Visso, with its hypocentre at a depth of 4 ± 1 km, approximately 75 km (47 mi) southeast of Perugia and 45 km (28 mi) north of L'Aquila, in an area near the borders of the Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo and Marche regions. As of 15 November 2016, 299 people had been killed.

This is the story.

Glaube Liebe Hoffnung

Eine Betrachtung von Roberto Shmitt 
Country: Germany
Genre: Short Documentary
Year: 2020

Faith Love Hope, a short documentary about Roberto Schmitt