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Who am I?
Am I a poet perhaps?
No, of course not.
No word but one, a very strange one,
does the pen of this soul of mine write for me:
Am I a painter then?
Not even that.
No colour but one
does the palette of this soul of mine hold for me:
A musician then?
Not a chance.
No note but one
does the keyboard of this soul of mine have for me:
Am I….what then?
I place a lens
in front of my heart
for all the world to see.
Who am I?
The jester of this heart of mine.

(Aldo Palazzeschi, “Poemi” 1909)

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We all stand alone on the heart of the earth
pierced by a ray of the sun’s light:
and then it is night.
(Quasimodo, 1930)


Alessandro Pizzi

Documentary Director

Dachauer Str. 46

80335 Munich


Mobile +49 172 5677515


Alessandro Pizzi is a passionate documentary and commercial director based in Munich, Germany.

Alessandro was first inspired to pursue documentary filmmaking when he shot his first documentary for the Italian Red Cross in the town of Visso, after a very violent earthquake had destroyed much of the territory and put many lives in danger. Alessandro is currently studying documentary filmmaking and television journalism at the University of Film and Television in Munich.
He recently released his second documentary, the first of his course of study, Back to back, which is a short film starring the famous graphic designer Mirko Borsche.
Alessandro has worked on the team of some commercial productions for global brands such as Coca-Cola and MAN and directed fashion advertising campaigns for 
In 2021, he also began working in fiction films by joining the team of a major production for the first time, again in collaboration with HFF.

The first sign that I found the right story is when the idea comes down from inside your head and into your heart. In human relationships, we make friends with people we want to know for the rest of our lives. The same sincere commitment is necessary when choosing a film project that can take from months to a year or more to complete.