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Who am I?
Am I a poet perhaps?
No, of course not.
No word but one, a very strange one,
does the pen of this soul of mine write for me:
Am I a painter then?
Not even that.
No colour but one
does the palette of this soul of mine hold for me:
A musician then?
Not a chance.
No note but one
does the keyboard of this soul of mine have for me:
Am I….what then?
I place a lens
in front of my heart
for all the world to see.
Who am I?
The jester of this heart of mine.

(Aldo Palazzeschi, “Poemi” 1909)

We all stand alone on the heart of the earth
pierced by a ray of the sun’s light:
and then it is night.
(Quasimodo, 1930)

MyTheresa Showreel (Director's Cut)
Agency :
Writer/Director: Alessandro Pizzi
Model: Myrthe Bolt
Music: Polaroids - Pastis
All shots are filmed by me.